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a&b's austin favorites round 2

Here's some of our favorite places in Austin to grab a drink, get sloshed, wet our whistle, and generally imbibe.


go for broke

Traveling the world is both a challenge and a privilege. On one hand, it can allow the traveler to experience life-changing places and events, and leave them with a more open and tolerant attitude to life that will be of benefit for many years to come. On the other hand, it is bound to be expensive. Unless a traveler is extremely rich, or can find somebody rich to fund their trip, the likelihood is that they will need to budget carefully, or factor in some form of paid work as they travel. Sometimes, however, the unthinkable does happen, and even the most experienced traveler may run out of money. What then?

The next step of any traveler who is broke will probably be dictated by the reason they are without funds, and for how long the situation is likely to last. If it is likely to be short-term, for example if credit or bank cards have been stolen or temporarily stopped, or if the traveler is between jobs, then one option is to ask parents or friends for a loan. Even if the lenders are on the other side of the world, this is easy to arrange. Services such as Trans-Fast can be used to send money either online or via an agent.

If a lack of money is likely to be more long-term, however, it is time to be a little more creative with solutions. Options to consider include:

* Teaching English. Many people want to learn English, and being a native speaker is a huge advantage. Travelers, who have had the foresight to gain a relevant qualification before leaving home, will probably not find it too difficult to get a job. It is crucial, however, to have all of the relevant paperwork and visas, etc. The last thing that any traveler wants is to be broke and in trouble with the law overseas.

* Working digitally. Lots of seasoned travelers earn money by writing about their trip on a freelance basis, or by writing a blog. It does take lots of work though - this option can impose heavily on travel plans, but it will pay at least some of the bills.

* Casual work. Plenty of destinations offer casual work, whether it is working in a hotel or bar, or harvesting fruit. Once again, having the relevant paperwork and permissions is crucial.

However successful any traveler is in finding work once broke, it is very important indeed that they budget carefully for the rest of the trip, if they have not done so already. It is usually not too difficult to cut back on expenditure whilst on the road. Accommodation can be scaled back to the minimum (hostels are often a good option) and food and drink costs reduced. There is no real need to take escorted tours to many destinations, since most can be reached independently. Transport is another area where savings can be made. There is no need for a taxi if there is good public transport or it is possible to walk to the destination (which often means seeing more of the location, anyway). Very few travelers expect to voyage in luxury, but most feel that the experience of seeing the world more than makes up for any financial discomfort.

*Contributed by freelance writer, Cheryl.


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