Morgus Family Reunion!

The Morgus Family reunion took place three hours from Seattle and 45 minutes up from Portland in a little town called Kalama. Here are some fun facts about Kalama:
1. It's located on the Colombia River
2. The high school was the filming location for the Twilight movies! Yes, THE Twilight movies!
3. It rains, a LOT!
4. I'm all outta facts....
As for the reunion, to say that it was a little soggy is an understatement and we lost most of the "Tenters" on the second night.  As for the food, well like all prior reunions, it was like the rain, aka, there was plenty! This year though there was some great Lebanese inspired dishes, to celebrate the Morgus Lebanese roots!
It was great to see everyone and we look forward to next years reunion filled with kubb, food, and family!


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