Krochet Kids International

Since I am from Spokane I thought I would give a shout-out to this amazing company that got their start there.  Have you heard of Krochet Kids International? This idealistic team of guys who grew up crocheting (crocheting is BIG in Spokane) went to Uganda and decided to make a difference. They taught a group of women there how to crochet hats. The KK Intl. then sells those hats online HERE in order to give the profit back to the Ugandan women who made the hats in the first place. Anyways, their hats are beautifully made and I am so happy to see this company really thriving and making a difference

Their slogan, "Buy a hat. Change a life" pretty much sums it up.

Visit WWW.Krochetkids.org to check out their mission+ awesome hats + shirts

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