DIY Wrap Bracelet

I've been itching to try these DIY wrap bracelets "from Honestly...WTF" all summer!
and well it's almost fall, so here is my attempt:

It took:

1 skein of leather strand
1 purple embroidery thread
2- 1/4" brass hex nut
2 strands of pearls

Basically we wrapped the pearls onto the leather cord, making sure to wrap in between each pearl...but you can find great detailed instructions  here! *side note, we swapped the brass balls or crystal chain for pearls.

Images via aandbctheworld


  1. These look lovely! How did you get the pearl chain to stay straight though? I tried making them but the chain keeps twirling around the leather cord. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Just keep a hold of it really tight! It took a while to make the pearl chain straight, but we kind of propped it on top of the leather to start wrapping and then worked the pearl chain into the middle of the two leather strands afterwards.

    Hope that helps!


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