Wanderlust Wednesday: Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, located in southwest Bavaria, is as breathtaking as it is extravagant. It was built by King Ludwig the Second, high upon a rugged hill, overlooking the valley below. The King, being a terrible recluse, used the castle as his personal refuge away from the world. Supposedly, the castle was the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty's castle, but trust me, it is far superior to the Disney version! 
If you ever find yourself in Germany, I would definitely recommend heading to Bavaria, staying in Fussen, and doing a day trip to the castle, all the while wearing lederhosen and drinking beer, of course!

(I think this is off a postcard...)

My photos below:


The hike up to the castle 

The views from the castle, 
I would turn into a recluse too for this kind of view!

*side note: Germany has this beer mixed with lemonade called a "radler" and surprisingly all over asia we found this exact same thing in a can called "shandy," which became my beer of choice in Malaysia! 

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