Pretty Paper: Wedding Invitations & Our Save the Dates

By now, you've probably all realized that A and B C the World isn't just about travel, which has a lot to do with our current stationary lives ( jobs and a wedding are keeping us put, for now). 
So I hope you don't mind if I throw in a bit of wedding planning here and there...

I can't seem to pull it together for this wedding. I should have rented tables/chairs/tents...well basically everything by now, but I haven't.
 I love to procrastinate and instead of actually planning this wedding, I catch my self staring at thousands of wedding invitations. I've recently become obsessed with fonts (I had no idea one could be obsessed with fonts), and this obsession has progressed into a full out love affair with all things paper. 
Strange, I know! 
I'm pretty sure my new found obsession with fonts has a lot to do with not wanting to think about all the real planning left (I still don't even have a dress)!

So anyway, after much hard work, my DIY Save the Dates are done and ordered. I am thrilled that they came out so well; they make the most perfect postcards!

What do you think?

Next project, design my invitations, i'm thinking rustic-y looking ones would fit best for our backyard lake wedding.

Here are some beautiful invitations that have been inspiring me:

I love the wood invitation, so clever!

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