Travel Tip #2: Argentina

Travel Tip #2

When in Argentina, eat membrillo and cheese. Seriously you must try this, even outside of Argentina, it will change your life.

When we were in Argentina a few years back we stumbled upon this red jelly-esque substance in the grocery store.  We were later informed that Argentinians eat it with a bit of cheese as a dessert or a sweet snack. Once we tried it, we were hooked and continued to eat the stuff, day and night, throughout our whole trip. 

Membrillo (pronounced MEM-BRI-JO, the Argentinian way or MEM-BRI-YO, the Spanish way) is a paste made out of quinces, which are small apple like fruit, but way more tart.
To make membrillo, you simply need to combine quinces (if available), sugar, lemon, and water.  You can find detailed instructions here, or take the lazy way out and buy some (which is what I do).  Membrillo is usually in the cheese aisle at any Whole Foods, or specialty foods store. I pare slices of membillo with manchego cheese for a perfect and easy dessert.

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*Side note: when in South America, you must also share Mate with a local!

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