On the Street: Seattle

I'm finally back in Seattle, and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. It was almost 60 degrees, and sunny and we were able to cram in as much as possible while my mom was here. We did end up visiting two dress shops, but nothing worked so the search continues, although I would be happy wearing a sheet at this point.

For some reason I am obsessed with baker's twine...

Ballard has great storefront fonts 

First flowers I have seen all winter!

Walking through the market

Our new little studio. It's about the size of a postage stamp, but the fiance has been hard at work building our headboard and the pallet shelf at the foot of the bed!

It was a busy weekend, but i'm glad to be back.
I hope your weekend was a little more laid back than mine. I sadly missed Madonna's superbowl debut, was it any good?

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