Photo Friday: Korea

I've packed, well...i've attempted to pack up, but how do you know what to bring to an apartment when you are only there for four months? I am moving my belongs over to Ballard to be with the Fiance, who leaves in June to go commercial fishing for the summer. This leaves me in an awkward flux between an extended stay and a move. I've decided to leave half of my clothes/shoes in Coeur d'Alene, and bring half to Seattle, mainly out of laziness, but a little bit of me wants to do a social experiment in order to see how I will fare living with less stuff! 
So, that's my weekend in a nutshell, packing, moving, unpacking... I also scheduled a few wedding dress appointments to torture make use of my mom's time in Seattle. Wish me luck,  I'm shooting to find a dress that I do not feel like a little boy (playing dress-up) in!

Link Love:
Strangely obsessed with this paper goods shop
Lo-Fi guides to Paris/London/New York 
I need to kick my sugar addiction with this
Check out this quirky Etsy shop: Coco de Paris
My new favorite blog by one of Princess Di's bridesmaids, seriously a great read!

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