I'd like to introduce you to our great new sponsor: Staydu

A few words from the founders, Nicholas and Alessandro:

Have you ever wanted to do something different? To get out of your daily routine, your job, your family or whatever it is you’re caught up with. Maybe you always dreamed about a world trip, to get to know new people, different cultures, and new experiences? But you didn’t know how to do it. Maybe you haven’t had the money, the time, or you just booked a normal vacation but ended up in the normal and boring tourist areas? Then, after two weeks, you arrive home and everything is the same?
 What if I tell you that you can travel wherever you want in the world?  You can stay with local people, who will show you far more than what the average tourist will see. What is even better is that you get to share a part of their everyday life; eating with them, participating in their work, and then, at the end of the day, having a place to rest your head! What sets Staydu apart from CouchSurfing is the lack of time constraints. You can stay as long as you like and immerse yourself amidst another culture! 

On our website, hosts from all over the world offer up accommodations and in return for a place to sleep,  travelers either:
1)      Give the host family a helping hand. This can involve anything from helping out at a local business in Malaysia to waxing surfboards in Australia.
2)      Stay for money.  The idea is to give just a little compensation to your host. Not a lot of money, we've set a limit of $20 per day.
3)      Or simply return the favor and give something back to your host by inviting him or her into your home.
If you like the idea,  please visit our website www.staydu.com  and register as a traveler or a host, totally free of charge!
Thanks, Nicolas and Alessandro!

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