Travel Tip Tuesday: Plnnr

I keep stumbling upon these great websites that are making pre-trip preparations a whole lot easier!  The latest one I found is Plnnr, which basically customizes itineraries based off of your preferences. 
*the downside: Plnnr is only available in certain cities. 
First, you pick your city:
Second, you pick the number of days you will spend and then the theme of your trip (either with kids, outdoors, the best of, or culture)
You then move onto your trip "intensity." Intense is waking up at dawn and not stopping until you hit you pillow at 3:00am...The next page is selecting the type of hotel you want to stay at (based on stars).
Then...Voila! Plnnr does its magic and gives you an itinerary for each day of your stay! 

I think its quite Brilliant (and if you have an ipad, you can wander the streets with this little puppy pulled up and safely avoid looking like a tourist with a big map)! 

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  1. You can also try Tripomatic.com - it's a trip planner with similar functionality as Plnnr and it covers more cities. Hope you'll like it!


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