Wanderlust Wednesday: Kenya

Wanderlust: Kenya
I've been to Africa once,  Morocco to be exact. Although I loved Morocco, I didn't really feel like I was in Africa. The Africa i've always dreamed of is more like a scene from "Out of Africa," and less like a scene from "Aladdin" (i'm horribly stereotyping -the landscape- here, but you get the picture).

After stumbling upon these images of Kenya from the Cherry Blossom Girl, I promptly moved Kenya to my must see ASAP list. These dreamy images, from the coastal town of Lamu, make me want to immediately book a ticket and leave this dreary winter for the warmth of the Kenyan coast. 

My dream vehicle!

Via: the Cherry Blossom Girl (a quirky blog by a super cute Parisienne fashion designer) 


  1. so, have to been Kenya? I have heard a lot of stories about cultural variation there. Would be nice to visit some day. Nice collection of pictures.

  2. I haven't been, but I would love to go!


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