Wanderlust Wednesday: Kho Phangan, Thailand

Around this time last year we found ourselves in Kho Phangan. After a long bus ride from Bangkok and a ferry, we reached this tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand. 
Kho Phangan is the infamous host of Thailand's full-moon parties, but if you stay far away  from Haad Rin Beach, then you can avoid thumping techno and really start to relax into the island life.
Our guesthouse was serenely located amidst palm trees and only a little ways up from the beach, and we fully utilized those hammocks!
Our room...
Typical shower in Thailand (energy efficient because that box heats up water as it goes to the faucet)
I've got to be honest...Kho Phangan was not my favorite island, let alone place, in Thailand. The beaches/water just are not as nice as the islands on the Andaman Sea.
 But, if you are dying to see the gulf of Thailand, maybe do a bit of yoga or hiking, then this could be your place. 
We rented a car and drove the island, which was fun and definitely gives you a better sense of what the island has to offer. 
Although beware, because this island is so lush and dense with rainforest, there are a lot of creepy crawly things going on. We saw a cobra (slithering our guesthouse path),  and a cane spider! 
I am deathly afraid of spiders and as we were driving our little vehicle, one of these puppies (seriously it is the size of a small dog) came out of nowhere and started crawling our dash! Here is a photo of one. Not to scare you off or anything...
Needless to say, Kho Phangan was an adventure, maybe not the relaxing beach adventure we were looking for, but an adventure nonetheless!

To hear about our first impressions of Kho Phangan and to see a cobra, follow the link! 

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  1. Nice photos! I'm longing for some warmth and sunshine over here in Amsterdam :)


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