Wanderlust Wednesday: Nelson, B.C.

Located in the southern interior of British Columbia, Nelson is a quaint little town nestled amidst the Selkirk Mountains and Kootnay Lake. Nelson is located about four hours from Spokane, WA, and while growing up, it was always a summer road trip destination for us.  This little town is full of great B&Bs, restaurants, and shops. Last time we were in Nelson, we stayed at the Cloudside Inn and spent a long weekend wandering around the town, hiking, and eating delicious food ( it's also where we got engaged).
One of our favorite restaurants in Nelson

This town thrives on the outdoors. In the winter, skiing is the sport of choice, but in the summer mountain biking is king. Whenever you visit Nelson, there is a good chance you will spend most of your days outdoors, but be sure to rest your sore muscles at Ainsworth Hotsprings, located about a half an hour outside of town! 
*Just be sure to avoid traveling there on Canadian Thanksgiving, we learned the hard way that this little town completely shuts down!


  1. I know much of BC, but have never been in Nelson. It looks a bit like those small "Main Street America" towns, doesn't it. And I'll bookmark it for my next trip to BC. Also published your post in my ePaper: http://paper.li/T_W_O/1326445527

  2. Thank you! Yes it does have that "main street america" charm and is a must see if you are ever in BC!


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