Iphoneography Monday

How was your weekend? We ate a lot of delicious things this weekend and I finally soothed my craving for Ethiopian food. If you are ever in Seattle, you have to try Saba (12th and Yesler), it has delicious Ethiopian food and the injera is to die for!  

Instagram Photo Dump (I had no idea that I took this many photos over the weekend):

 Besides Ethiopian food, we also found a great little breakfast restaurant: The Fat Hen.  I'm kind of hesitant to tell you about it because it is that good! But, if you know how to find Delancey (the restaurant behind the blog Orangette), you can find this great breakfast place (it's across the street). We started with pre-breakfast treats at Honore and then moved onto eggs benedict and baked eggs at The Fat Hen! 
*random side note: while at Honore Bakery, you must try their passionfruit macaron! It is to die for!


  1. SUCH great pictures!!!
    xx jes


  2. Thanks Jes! Instagram works wonders!

  3. Looks like you guys have had a fantastic weekend! Those egg benedict looks good. After 3 months in Malaysia, I'm suddenly craving for great western food. BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog. Your blogs looks really good too! Will tag this in my RSS

  4. ok, i need it all. I'm adding all of those places to our seattle to-do list! right. now. we mayyyy be heading back up there for labor day weekend again this year, I'm crossing my fingers :)

  5. Thanks Amer! And Emily- find Honore bakery if you come to Seattle/ you won't be disappointed :)


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