Iphoneography #4

 How was your weekend? I spent my weekend in Coeur d'Alene, but our friends from Seattle came over for some fun in the snow. We had lofty plans to go skiing, but the weather (and our stamina) proved otherwise and we ended up snowshoeing instead. There are a lot of great trails for snowshoeing in Coeur d'Alene, and even strategically placed warming huts, with wood fireplaces included. My fiance decided that 40 degrees was a perfect temperature to take his shirt off while we were snowshoeing. I kept thinking that that would definitely be something Portlandia would make fun of; "40 degrees, shirt off guy."
 The weekend finally ended with a streak of sun, so I was able to get outside and learn how to play frisbee golf. Strangely, our course is huge and frisebe golf was actually entertaining, but i've seriously got to perfect my throw!

*my sister also made a vegan huckleberry cheesecake that was to DIE for! 
The cheesecake-esque filling was made out of cashews! The recipe can be found over at My New Roots


  1. great pictures, lovely!
    that one with the cheese and bread has my soul though. and the puppy dog one. he's so precious.
    xx jes

  2. That brick is to die for on the "Atticus" building. I love old brick buildings.

  3. Wow - nice photos! Looks like you had a lovely weekend!!!


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