Iphoneography #7

A week in review via Instagram...

Monday we headed to West Seattle to watch our favorite musicians; Joe Pennell and Dawn Angelosante! (I designed the poster for their show)
Tuesday, the fiance and I had a date night. He took me to Bastille in Ballard. Their design is as good as their food...once you enter Bastille it feels as if you are instantly transported into a cafe in Paris.
We ate croque monsieur and fresh oysters...
Friday we had made plans to go camping at Deception Pass in our nugget...
The nugget had other plans...it died on us in the middle of driving down the road and has been stuck on the side of the road ever since.

So Saturday we grabbed our partners in crime, David and Heidi Winters and headed for a day trip up to Mt. Vernon to the tulip festival! (and we did a pit stop at Lululemon's outlet!)
We were told to head straight to Snowgoose Produce and get their delicious ice cream. Well after waiting in an hour line, we finally got our ice-cream. One scoop was about the size of my head. 

After our ice-cream coma, we finally walked over to the tulip fields.

 The colors were absolutely stunning!

Sunday, per usual, we walked down to the Sunday Market in Ballard. 
After the market, we headed to gasworks park with some friends to drink wine and enjoy the sun. I actually got a sunburn (i'm thrilled)! 
Hope your weekend was delightful as well!


  1. poor nugget!!!! love this blog

  2. I love the pictures of the flowers!


  3. Sounds like such a fun and busy weekend - although I'm sorry to hear your baby died on you - it happens to the best of us ;)


  4. Thanks for the words of support :) we were quiet disappointed about the death of our nugget but we gave it some new insides and it might come back to life (fingers crossed!)

  5. im so hooked on your instagram! your pictures are so wonderful, especially the tulip ones!

  6. Emily- I think i'm following yours as well! (or at least I tried too :)

    And thanks Andi! The tulips were fabulous!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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