Wanderlust Wednesday: Portland

I love Portland for many reasons. The food, coffee, people...are all top-notch and it is only a short drive from Seattle which makes it a great weekend road-trip for us Seattleites. But, if you don't live in the Northwest, Portland is a city definitely worth the trip. It is easy to navigate and extremely bike friendly, so I recommend staying a weekend, renting a bike, and drinking as much local brew and eating as much good food as you can possible fit in!
Since I'm sure there are much better guides to Portland out there, i'll just give you a taste of my favorites:
My favorite neighborhood is Northwest. I stayed in a hostel over here once and it was great. I love to head out early and walk around Nob hill (love the name, it reminds me of London...). A few block south on 21st is my favorite Portland bakery, Kens. Kens is worth the trip alone...I haven't had a canele that good since Paris!
Obviously i'm a little  a lot obsessed with food. Portland has an insane amount of deliciously cheap food carts. The Indian food cart we tried was surprisingly good.
  Portland architecture is another on of my favorites. They have a lot of great old brick buildings that lend to the city's character.
Stumptown coffee. Go there and try it and you will understand the hype.
 You have to try voodoo donuts...not eating them would be like going to Disney land and not riding a ride.
I also love Portland's unique hotels. From the Ace hotel, the Jupiter, to the Mcmenamins...there are a lot of great/ non-expensive hotel options that each pack in a lot of character. 

And last but not least, Powells...I could spend years in this bookstore. There are even super specific sections like travel memoirs based in Antigua. It is a great place to spend a rainy Portland afternoon.


  1. Such great pictures! When we were there last month I didn't take out my camera - only used Instagram - but you've inspired me to do so next time. I'm also going to check out McNem... as a hotel option.

    The only bad thing about Powells on a rainy afternoon is that when we were there they had the heater blasting. There were so many girls walking around in tank tops with their jackets and sweaters tied around their waist. :-)

  2. That Euro Trash food court looks amazing!! Sometimes I still can't believe I've never been to Portland.

  3. love all these pictures :) makes me appreciate this rainy day a little more knowing it looks like this in photos!

  4. so glad you posted this! portland is probably the only city in america left on our to-do list, and i love all your ideas! voodoo is definitely on the top of our list, hopefully we can squeeze a trip in soon!

  5. nob hill DOES remind me of london! haha that is so cute, looks so fun!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments you all! I need to get to portland more (three hours away and I have only been once in three years!) but it is worth the trip! and Jes, thanks again for the recommendations! Voodoo two helped us avoid a two hour line!

  7. VooDoo donuts? YUM! I've heard of them but have not yet had the pleasure to try them. (Because I have not yet been to Portland.) But they sound yummy, and look yummy, and your pictures are all wonderful!

  8. I've heard the best things about Portland! Great pics!!!

  9. Loved this! Thanks for all the great tips on places to visit. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Portland soon, and we have been searching for places to visit while we are there. Definitely want to go to Kens...that coffee and little cake look amazing!

  10. LindseyC- Thanks that made me smile!
    and Courtney- They are so good and so bad at the same time! I had a banana foster donut with chocolate and peanut butter frosting- I almost had a heart attack (worth it!)

    And kens is definitely worth the drive up to nob hill- or take portland's tram thing! It's great transportation and then you don't have to bother with parking!

  11. Great photos of Portland!! I'm in Camas, WA and go into Portland quite a bit. Love it. And yes, I could totally spend YEARS in Powells!! ;)

  12. Love this, Ash! Makes me want to visit the PNW as soon as we get home :)


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