Travel Tip Tuesday: Cell Phones

This little tip comes courtesy of a Gadling article about cell phones. The gist of that article is how a few cell phone hacks can save a lot of time!

Here is sample of their smartphone tricks:

1. Take a photo of your hotel- this is so obvious that it is amazing I have never done it before! Taking a photo of your hotel/ hostel while abroad makes it a lot easier to find, especially when the hotel name is easily forgettable. I also always grab a hotel card from the front desk (usually the address is listed on them).

2. If you drove, take a photo of your car. This also saves an amazing amount of time when you can't remember if you parked on blue, teal, or sky. 

3. Photograph your checked luggage. Gadling suggests that you photograph both your luggage and its contents. While this is helpful if your luggage gets lost (at the airport), it really doesn't help much if your luggage is stolen, unless you have travel insurance. Certain travel insurances cover up to X number of dollars worth of luggage, so if you go that route, than get photographing.

4.  Photograph your passport, ID, Credit Cards, and any other important documents. This is a biggie. I never leave home without copies of important documents. I like the idea of taking photos of them for quick reference, but be sure to have your smart phone password protected, and take hardcopies just in case.  

A few of my own:

5. Photograph country codes. I did this when I went to Asia and makes a world of difference when you need to dial someone quickly and/or can't remember the country code to reach home.

6. Use the map. Most smart phones come with a gps feature, and if you don't want to use up data or get charged a huge amount, connect to your hotel wifi beforehand, map your route, and then take off. It will save your data.

7. Download XE's app. This is a world currency converter and saves a huge amount of time when you are trying to figure out if 1500 kip is a good deal for a poster or not.

8. Turn push notifications and data off. This will save a bundle, and you can use a variety of apps that don't run off of data.


  1. I also take photos of business cards or phone numbers people give me because I always lose them.

  2. I would have never thought of any of these, but they are such useful tips! Especially photographing your hotel and car - will definitely be doing this from now on :)


  3. I never thought to take business card photos! Great idea.

    Glad you all like the tips/ I thought they were pretty useful too!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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