Wanderlust Wednesday: Lake Chelan

Located in the center of the state, Lake Chelan is a narrow 55 mile long lake and the third deepest in the country. Besides Walla Walla, Chelan is Washington's other wine country. This fact alone makes it a great vacation destination, that and the water is almost a Caribbean shade of blue (if only it was as warm).
We piled people in my Subaru and headed out for a hike. Chelan is pretty arid and the hikes get dusty quick, but the ending views are spectacular.
There are tons of opportunities to camp along Lake Chelan (55 miles of opportunities to be exact). We didn't rough it too bad last weekend (our campsite had showers) and the Nugget actually survived the drive, so we were able to use it all weekend! 
My favorite part of Chelan is the miles and miles of vineyards. I love the look of the neat rows.
And there are a bunch of wineries that offer free wine tasting...and the wines up in Chelan aren't bad.
There are also great sunsets...

 The best breakfast around, Blueberry Hills
That's it for my little photo-tour de chelan. It is worth the visit if you ever find yourself in Washington!


  1. I did my bachelorette party in Chelan! such a fun place!

  2. Love the Chelan pics! Makes we want to go back soon.
    See you soon, Geaneece

  3. Chelan would be a great place for a bachelorette party! I'm a little jealous about that!

  4. Lo
    ve the pictures! We had so much fun with you guys!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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