happy friday

What are you up to this weekend? We put our boat in the water yesterday, 
so if i'm brave enough, I might go wake surfing (my favorite summer sport). 
There is also have a giant bike pub crawl on Saturday, so i'm excited to hop on my bike! 
The town of Coeur d'Alene has instantly tripled this past week 
and it is interesting to see this sleepy place turned into a resort town.

Did you know that Barbara Walters called this city "a little slice of heaven"? 

Link Love:

I love these Kraft paper + fabric invitations
Homemade ice coffee DIY 
(if you add seltzer water it makes coffee soda, I swear its good!)
For the uber hip
Beautiful + cheap sandals
Beautiful travel blog/ can't wait for the e-zine


  1. We have a friend's rehearsal dinner tonight and then wedding tomorrow!

  2. Wait. One of my best friends lives in Coeur D'Alene! Do you by any chance know someone by the name of Jenny Tracy or Simon Mandel? Crazy!


  3. Sounds like a heavenly weekend–who could blame Ms Walters?

  4. Carol- have fun at the wedding! I am so sappy and love love love weddings!

    Jenna- seriously!! What a small world! I will ask around and see if any of my friends know them! That is crazy!

    And thanks Lena! Ms. Walters had it right (in the summer it is a slice of heaven at least...we won't mention what it is like in the winter! :)


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