Photo Friday

Happy Friday! I'm secretly glad this week is over, but this weekend is going to be even busier! We have our wedding shower and then engagement photos the following day, so wish us luck! 

Link Love:

Gigantic flower DIY (made this for the e-photos)
Totally amazing tree houses
These watermelon mojito popsicles sound insanely good!
Have you ever read Gadling? Great travel tips...
A great resource for mapping out Round the World flights
We have this amazing book, Marrakesh by Design, and here is her fabulous blog
I'm going to attempt this hairstyle for my photos


  1. watermelon. mojito. popsicles. way too much goodness to be true.

  2. Happy Friday!!!!! I can't wait to check out the mojito pops! And Maryam is such an inspiration to me.

  3. I had good intentions of making mojito pops this weekend, so I guess Monday night is as good of an excuse as any to break out a mojito popsicle!


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