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Happy Friday you all. This week seemed to fly by, which is always a good thing (unless you are on vacation). What do you have planned this weekend? We have a crew bbq to go to for Brian, who sadly leaves in two weeks :(. He's a salty fisherman and heads to Alaska to work on a commercial boat catching salmon, so now the countdown is on until he leaves. I feel like we need to do a bunch of speed dates to make up for all the time we will be apart. Any good date ideas?

Here's some links to love for your weekend...

Link Love

This is such a wonderful photo
A brilliant DIY to spruce up those ugly kitchen towels
Everyone needs a bit of sailor chic
Probably the most perfect smoothie ever made
I want this dress
Did you know Anthropologie has a magazine!?


  1. Awww, wow, that's crazy that he's a commercial fisherman! Does he come back with Discovery channel worthy stories? How long does he go for? I'm so fascinated!

    Hopefully the time flies and you two are reunited before you know it! I always love going bowling or playing mini golf, something different from the usual dinner and movie!


  2. Bah, I'm sorry, friend! But can I just say that I love 'salty fisherman'? That is so. so. great.

    Have a seriously fab weekend!!

  3. I'll have to do a good-bye post to the "salty fisherman" :) and i'll fill in the details of his fishing life! But thank god, he is definitely not as extreme as the show, but he will be gone for a whole ten weeks :(

    *Jenna- thanks for the date ideas! I haven't mini-golfed in years, so i've got to track one down!


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