Travel Tip Tuesday: Go Glamping

Last Thursday, while I was digging around on the internet for luxury camping accessories, I stumbled upon a few great sites that chart the world's best glamping locations! 
These are not your typical dirt/ outhouse camping experiences. They range from luxury canvas tents, to converted airstreams and are located all over the world, at prices sometimes much less than hotels. Wouldn't it be rad to go sleep in a luxury yurt in Europe or a safari tent in Montana? 

"Go Glaming" is one of the best sites I found; it catalogs all those gorgeous glamping locations from around the world.

My favorite was this converted airstream in Big Sur, California.
And these gorgeous yurts in Portugal
 And these super rad domes in Patagonia

Another site for Glamping (just in case you are getting serious about booking an adventure) is Glamping Hub...The've got a great list as well...
Happy Glamping!


  1. This is awesome. My husband has never been camping + hates the idea of it, but this might be a nice middle ground for us!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! South Africa has a lot of glamping opportunities and it is right up me and my boyfriend's alley. Definitely going to check these out, were always looking for new weekend getaway spots :)


  3. Oh my goodness, how fabulous–that Airstream looks just divine!

  4. So I never knew that glamping was a true thing, but now I'm kind of embracing the idea. Especially for exploring more exotic locations. No damp tent and outhouse for this girl!

  5. your blog cultures me so darn much and i absolutely love it! keep the fantastic posts comin!

  6. Thanks Emily! And yes, after finding out about Glamping, i'm definitely leaving behind the days of dirt& outhouses

  7. Nice post! For more on the business side of the fun, drop by our basecamp at www.wanderlusthospitality.com.


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