Travel Tip Tuesday: Postcards

Do you send postcards when you travel? I always try to send at least one postcard home from wherever I am, but i've sent many a postcard that never made it (i'm talking to you Argentina). Well, now of course there is an app for that!

This is all new to me, so I apologize for my more tech savvy peers, but there are apps that let you take a photo on your phone, and then transform the picture to a postcard!
 From there you can write a message, sign your name (with your finger), and then put in the address where you want it to go. 

The cool thing is, the postcard arrives the old fashion way, via snail mail! That takes so much of the confusion out of dealing with foreign post offices and finding the right stamps. I often would arrive home before my postcard, but since these are printed in the states, they will actually beat you home. It's a little bit like cheating, but i'm sold!

And just in case you want options, there is "Postagram"


I believe that the apps are free to download and just .99 cents per postcard! 

*Sidenote: I don't turn on my data when traveling to avoid HUGE fees, but you can always connect to wifi and then send a postcard that way*


  1. this is a nice idea, but wouldn't be the same for me. maybe i'm just too old fashioned :)

  2. I heard about this just the other day for the first time - so cool! :)


  3. I think its way cool too, but I probably would still have to go the old fashioned way! But I think i'll send a lot more postcards from home via these apps!

  4. yes i love the old fashioned way too, but this is a fantastic idea :)

  5. I absolutely love this idea and just downloaded the Postagram app. I always send postcards when I travel but am often disappointed by the selection and photos on them for some reason, so how much better that it's my own photo!

    newest follower :)

  6. Glad you all liked it! I downloaded the app too and I'm not-so secretly searching for a gnome to throw in all my pictures!

    And Alex, thanks for stopping by the blog and becoming a follower! So glad to meet you!


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