Travel Tips and Tidbits w/ Rachel from Cute Vintage

Hi All, I'm starting a new summer series called Travel Tips & Tidbits, where I email other bloggers about blogging and what they've learned through their travels. If you want to join in, be sure to email me, I would love to hear your stories!
 Hope you enjoy!

To start us off we have Rachel, from the incredibly awesome blog Cute Vintage 

1. Tell us a little about yourself: I'm Rachel, blogger over at Cute Vintage. I like to photograph steet art, thrift and drink copius amounts of chocolate chai tea. During the day I work with suits-and-boots in the city, and when night falls I'm over in East London with my camera trying to find the latest underground hideout.

2. When/Why did you start blogging: November last year. I wanted to start my own online vintage shop and set up the blog in conjunction with it...6 months on, I called the shop a day, but the blog stayed. I feel really lucky to live in East London and want to make sure every inch I see is documented over on CV.

3. Tell us your dream trip: My heart is set on India right now. I've been trying to plan a (pro-longed) trip out there for what seems like forever. I'd like to start in Delhi and then work my way round the west coast to Kerala. In my mind there's me, a yoga mat and a lot of dahl. In reality it'll be more: me, a backpack stuffed full of overly packaged cosmetics and a lot of sunburn. 

4.. Your favorite place in the world: I want to say Cape Town. I went here the summer I turned 18. It was my first ever trip into the world without family or friends. I have a lot of ace memories connected to Cape Town: Long St. in particular. But, I think my favourite place in the world (at least right now) is Berlin. Everytime I'm there it's a different experience - and the grunge scene coupled with the Parisian feel that Berlin has, really appeals to me. It's not all minimal techno and war memorials - but both are worth at least a look. Stay at the Circus, walk everywhere and definately speak to strangers.

5. Favorite food/ where do you find it: Peanut chicken, with rice and plantain. Every Saturday on Broadway Market, East London. Second stall on the left, passed the Cat and Mutton. 

6. Any great travel tips/ secrets? Always have your dad on speed dial.

Thanks Rachel! Be sure to pop on over to her blog 


  1. ha, i love the tip to always have your dad on speed dial. for me, it would be my mom. adore her!
    and going to india i'm sure would be such a dream vacation. all great shots. and what a fun little interview ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks TJ. I was laughing at the speed dial comment too! If all else fails, call your parents!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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