Wanderlust Wednesday: San Francisco

I've been dying to get to San Francisco. I went there as a teenager, but I feel like the city would seem completly different to me, going back as an adult.  So in order to fill my own wanderlust, here is a curated San Francisco itinerary...

Sleep Here:
Wake up and then,
Grab Breakfast Here:
After breakfast be sure to,
Shop Here:

 Photos by Nathan Michael on SFgirlbybay

After shopping,
Explore Here:
Photo from SeasonsPics Flikr

Get back for a nap,
Ride This:

After a nap,
Rent A Bike and Ride Here:

Eat Dinner Here:

After dinner it's time for the good stuff,
Eat Dessert Here:

And wash it all down,
And then wake up and do it all over again...
                                                                            Source: 29.media.tumblr.com via Katy on Pinterest


  1. I absolutely love San Fran too! The first time I visited was 6 years ago and we only had 2 days there, it went too fast...I can't wait to go back as well! One of my friends has been living in the Bay area for the past 2 years and just posted this awesome insiders guide to the best things to do in San Fran! I loved reading it and thought you might like it too to continue your wanderlusting! http://drippingwithpassion.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/official-dripping-with-passion-guide-to.html

  2. I just got back from a Napa/SF weekend trip with friends. We went to Tartine and it was amazing! Once I get all of my pictures off of my camera I'm going to do a post!

  3. Some of the very best of the city, all in one place!

  4. I got to spend 24 hours in SF two months ago when my flight was delayed for the day - we went to the Mission area on the advice of a friend who lives there, and it really was amazing! I'd love to go for much longer and really get to know the city.

  5. San Francisco is hands down my favorite city in the US - I would love to live there someday. I took Jurgen there when he visited the states with me a couple years ago and we both enjoyed it so much!


  6. I'm jealous of all of your SAN FRAN trips!! I'm going to try and sneak in a trip there this summer! I don't know why it feels so hard to get to, I think it's only a few hours via plane to SF.


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