Iphoneography #18

It was a great weekend and I couldn't have hoped for a better bachelorette party! I was touched so many of my friends made their way on over to North Idaho to celebrate with me! As for my liver, well it is in recovery mode and i'm pretty sure I won't be craving a margarita any time soon!
 P.S. I apologize for the phallic-filled photos below...

I stole a few of these instagrams from my girlfriends-you know who you are and thanks!

How was your weekend- any bachelorette parties as well?


  1. AHHH!!! i didnt know you were getting married! how exciting! im going to my first bachelorette party in september and i couldnt be more excited! those penis cookies are cracking me up by the way... have you ever been to the castro in SF? theres a bakery that sells some that look juuuusttt like that!

  2. Thanks Allie! I told me sister about the bakery in San Fran and she is so proud to have baked something that looks like it came from a legitimate bakery! I will have to check it out if I am ever in San Fran!

  3. Awww looks like you had such a fabulous bachelorette party! The pics are great and it looks like you're girls made it a very memorable time! Following you!

  4. so fun! looks like it was a success to me! we are in the process of planning mine (or at least i am supervising the planning) and i think we are heading to vegas. scary. liver prayers are welcome :)

  5. Emily! Good luck in Vegas! That will be a blast, though i'm pretty sure you have to see the chippendales while you are there!


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