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Hey you all! I'm thrilled to have the wonderful Michelle from On the Adventure featured today! Her blog design is super rad and it only gets better with her entertaining posts, so go check it out!

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1. Tell us a little about yourself: 
Hello there sweet readers of A and B C the world! First of all I am just over.joy.ed to be here. When Ashley asked me if I was interested in this post I just about danced around in a circle with my dog. 

Or maybe I did.

Needless to say, I am super excited to be here! For those of you that I haven't had the chance to meet yet, I'm Michelle and I blog over at On The Adventure. I am a lover of all things outdoors - bikes, boats, mountains, lakes, canoes, tents you name it, I love it. I am also really partial to spending hours laying a hammock. Let's be real though, who isn't? 

I am a firm believer that each and every day is an adventure. Each day is filled with absolutely beautiful moments sneakily disguised like normal, everyday happenings. We often think that life is a series of huge events accompanied by a full orchestra playing the perfect soundtrack. But friends, oh friends, each day is absolutely wonderful and perfect in itself! We just have to slow down and take a look around every once in a while. We just have to take it all in and enjoy this crazy adventure we're on.

2. When/Why did you start blogging:
Like many of you out there I was an avid blog reader. I just adored hearing about people's lives and seeing their creativity displayed on their blog. I was always so inspired by bloggers and one day about a year ago decided that I needed to get off the sidelines and be a part of this world. Oh, and I am so so glad I did! Blogging has introduced me to some of the most amazing people I have ever had the chance to meet  (you know, via the internet!). I am constantly surprised and overtaken with gratitude for the support and encouragement I find in the blogworld. If you're a reader waiting for the right time to start a blog, every time is the right time. I promise, you will not be disappointed in the lovely ladies out here!

3. Tell us your dream trip:
This may be the hardest question I've ever been asked. Ever. I adore travelling and have a list a mile long of places that I want to visit. Prague, Belgium, Australia, Norway, Peru.... I want to see it all, experience it all, and meet people from all over the world! I  think at this current moment, though, I am dying to visit India during Holi, the celebration of color. Do you even see all of the joy in those people's faces? I cannot imagine how absolutely beautiful and fun this celebration is. Throwing colored powder all around the city. Dancing. Laughing. I need to go one day, I just have to!

I can't even begin to think of all of the smiles. All of those smiling people all in one place.

4. Your favorite place in the world:
Austin, Texas. I only live a couple of hours away and try to head there any chance I get! There is something about the Capital of Texas that I cannot get enough of. The music scene, local restaurants and bars, hiking, swimming.... there is so much to love! Every time I'm in Austin I can just be free.

Wild and free.

There is just something about that city that has a hold on my heart. It is unlike any place I have ever been and it is just easy. Simple and easy.

5. Favorite food/ where do you find it:
Remember when I said number 3 was the hardest question ever? Scratch that. I love food, I just love love love it. All kinds: Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, good ole' BBQ. Sheesh, I just love something about all types of food. I think that my tried and true go-to has to be a cup of coffee (or soy chai latte) and the perfect scone. There is something so comforting about this for me, I just can't really explain it. I think it is relaxing, I mean how could anything possibly be wrong while drinking the perfect cup of coffee with the most perfect scone?


Of all of the coffee shops I've been to (which is a lot. I can't pass up a good coffee shop) my favorite Chai and scone have to be from J&B Coffee in Lubbock, Texas, where I went to school. Yes, tiny-town in West Texas has my favorite latte and scone, who knew? I remember many a night studying there, laughing there, making new friends there. I love that coffee shop with my whole heart. And the white chocolate cranberry scones, too. 

6. Any great travel tips/ secrets?
Friends, you must check out The Clymb. Imagine Gilt Groupe but for all things outdoors. They offer super deals on everything you would need for the perfect adventure. Be it travel guides, packs, clothing, even Chacos, The Clymb has it! I have found so many great travel necessities here and for the best price, ever. They offer something different everyday so it is definitely worth stopping by when preparing for your next journey.

Thank you, Ashley, for letting me camp out on your sweet blog today! I have had the best time. I hope to meet all of you, so stop on by On The Adventure and say hi!

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  1. Thanks Michelle! I've never been to Texas, but you definitely make me want to place it on the top of my travel list!

  2. Love both of your blogs too much!

  3. i LOVE michelles blog and through her i found you! great feature!

  4. and india is my most favorite place in the world.

  5. So interesting that you picked Austin, Texas as your favorite place. I think I imagined you would pick someplace more exotic. Funny how certain places just appeal to us, isn't it?

  6. I am loving this post, no adoring!

    This sums up exactly why I have such terrible wanderlust and will always have a travel-yearning heart!

  7. Thanks for the introduction to Michelle's blog–I can't wait to read more!

  8. Oooooooooooooooooooh Michelle.

    Listen. You're always trying to get me to come to Texas. I say no. I say we go to India, that is far cooler, far more colorful, and less gross. That's right, I just called Texas gross.

    Oh Chai Tea... The best cup? Old Town, San Diego.. Period.

  9. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting! I loved Michelle's answers/ LOVE her blog!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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