Travel Tips & Tidbits w/ Fiona

Fiona, from the wonderful blog, "The Corner of the Internet that I Call Home." 

1. Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m Fiona, I’m British, but I’ve recently settled in Western Australia for the coming few years. I’m studying at the moment, but outside of that my life consists of baking, planning my next adventure, and trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

2. When/Why did you start blogging:
I started blogging when I was planning my wedding to Liam aka the loveliest man in the world. However, I pretty quickly discovered that I cared much more about the community that comes from blogging than I cared about bridesmaid dresses or flowers. Pretty soon I’d dropped the wedding-blogging and just focused on documenting life and sharing ideas and experiences with others.
3. Tell us your dream trip:
Wow – that’s a tough question! My husband and I have this dream trip we call “The Long Way Home”. One day we might decide to move back to the UK, and “The Long Way Home” would take us from Australia back to our homeland via, well, via everywhere! We debate the specifics over coffee quite regularly, whether we should go by train or motorbike; scheduling so we’d pass through Rio during Mardi Gras and Canada in the winter. Then we turn it all on its head and take the Trans-Siberian instead!

4. Your favorite place in the world:
My favourite place in the world changes perennially. I’m quite homesick for London at the moment; nowhere in the world compares to Tokyo; there’s a French village on the Med, at the foothill of the Pyrenees which I am convinced is heaven on earth; and the sense of isolation you get if you drive inland in Western Australia is breathtaking. I try and get the best out of anywhere I visit, so it’s hard to pick one place as a favourite.

5. Favorite food/ where do you find it:
I love unagi (freshwater eel), lightly grilled on rice or sushi. While you can find it elsewhere in the world, I’ve never had better than in a small sushi bar in Chiba, Japan where the slices of eel were held with tongs and grilled over the open flame of what looked to be a Bunsen burner from a chemistry lab!

6. Any great travel tips/ secrets?
Pick your travel partner carefully. If you’re not travelling alone, then your choice of travel partner(s) will have a major impact on your travel experience. One you’ve spent all that money on a trip, and dedicated time to planning it, you don’t really want to have to compromise (and neither should they) on what gets done each day. I have friends I love wholeheartedly, but would never travel with, as I know that their desire to lounge by a pool or go on group tours doesn’t fit with my own wants. Find someone where you can be honest about what you want to do (and they can do the same with you), and be willing to do your own thing sometimes. Above all else: never travel with someone who won’t eat the local cuisine.

Fiona's  blog is filled with great travels and fabulous writing, and although she has put blogging on hold, I still recommend a scroll through all of her wonderful posts!  


  1. Agreed. Never travel with someone who doesn't like the local cuisine... although I must admit that the mentality got me into a lot of trouble in China once. :/


  2. I could totally see the china thing! Chinese food has never been my favorite so I would definitely be avoiding a huge majority...but take me to India and I will eat anything and everything!

  3. For me travel is about trying the local cuisine. I am not sure I could travel with a fussy eater.

  4. i'm not so sure I could either! For me food and place are synonymous too!

  5. 2 very stunning, spectacular photos.


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