Wanderlust Wednesday: Cascais, Portugal

Located 40 minutes outside of Lisbon, Cacais is a described as a "postcard-perfect little beach town." Cascais once was a quiet fishing village but after European nobility discovered the little village and it's idyllic setting, the town became a favorite vacation destination. 
Cascais is also a surfing and kitesurfing mecca and there are tons of surf camps located in this town. I'm pretty sure you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful European location to learn to surf in!

I'm pretty sure that if I get to Cascais, the Farol Design Hotel is my first choice. Originally built in 1890,  for a Count, the hotel has obviously gone under a very hip update, but nods to the original building are located throughout the decor. 

The hotel states "Bliss is guaranteed." I'm sure they are 100% correct. 


  1. omgosh ive been to cascais!!! it was absolutely amazing and so much fun! ill have to show you my photos sometime... this totally made my day!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Can't wait to see this place!

  3. ooh I love the way that hotel room looks - so clean and plush at the same time! Thanks for sharing Portugal! It's on my to-see list but haven't quite made it out there yet.

  4. I absolutely would stay at that beautiful hotel!

  5. oh my goodness that looks incredible! Forget college! I'm spending all my money on traveling haha


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