Photo from The Light Fantastic (for sale on Etsy)

It's my birthday today! I turn a big 26, which seems a little crazy to me, being closer to 30 than 20! Nevertheless, I will use my birthday as an excuse to put myself in a sugar induced coma. I'm planning on drinking pumpkin spice lattes, eating incredibly expensive but delicious french macarons and throwing in a little pumpkin pie on the side. As for tonight, Brian has something planned, but is keeping me in the dark! 

So in honor of my birthday, here is a few of my favorite posts from the past:

Pepto Bismol shirts and what happens when you do not wear proper attire to temples in Asia
Shots from Bangkok
Wanderlust Wednesday: Luang Prabang, Laos


  1. I like this capture. Very classic style of photography and it brings nostalgia from my past hobby of taking photographs via film.

  2. Thanks for all the b day wishes!


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