Wander In: Tokyo

Hi you all. I'm starting a new series of travel interviews called Wander In, and I am so excited to feature Taryn from The Wanderista! She has been to some amazing places and her blog will definitely make you want to quit your day job and buy a ticket anywhere!  I highly recommend heading over to her site!

So this is Taryn's take on Tokyo:


1. Upon arrival, this is the first stop:

After a long flight, there's nothing like a hot bowl of Tonkotsu pork bone broth ramen. Luckily the nearest nearest noodle shop is never far in Japan--I gravitate towards the smaller, side-street spots.

2. To get a taste of the local culture, this is essential:

Strip down and spend some time soaking at an authentic onsen. The hot spring bathhouses are ideal for relaxing, observing tradition and bonding with locals.

3. To ride in style like locals, I recommend this form of transport:

The fast, sleek bullet train is a must--take it to Kyoto for a glimpse of Mount Fuji.

4.You will sleep like a baby here:

The Prince Park Tower is one of the top-rated hotels for a reason: It's conveniently located, incredibly luxe and offers stunning skyline views with its namesake landmark in the forefront.

5. Want a souvenir, take this home:

Green Tea Kit Kats make a delicious, inexpensive gift. 

6. The locals and tourists like to get tipsy here:

Locals and tourists alike flock to Karaoke Kan, the scene of Bill Murray's Lost in Translation rendition of "Peace, Love and Understanding"; Golden Gai is another must: Two hundred small, cramped bars (some with just five seats) crowd the alley ways that make up this nostalgic nightlife destination.

7. The culture here is unique because:

It's got all the vibrancy, hustle and convenience of a big city with the sense of community and charm more often found in small towns.

8. If I had 24 hours here, I would spend it this way:

I know it's crazy, but starting your day at 4am is worth it to be one of the few tourists granted entry to the Tsukiji Fish Market tuna auction; watch the frenzy over monstrous frozen tunas, then head down the street to enjoy the world-famous omakase at Sushi Dai; Next hightail it to Harajuku to shop and catch a glimpse of the eponymous girls in costume congregating on Takeashite street. Make time for a bowl of ramen, a relaxing onsen and a stroll through the impeccably manicured Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Finish with a delicious dinner at Gonpachi, famous for its food and Kill Bill cameo.

All photos by Taryn Adler, www.wanderista.com


  1. Tokyo has never been on my "must visit" list, but I have to admit it looks pretty amazing! That soup looks delicious.

    PS I just realized you guys live in Ballard... hello, neighbor!

    1. Are you in Ballard too!? We need to all form a seattle bloggers meet-up!

  2. The photo of Mount Fuji! Yowza!
    And I think I would LOVE that fish market auction... that kind of activity speaks to me! I love seeing local people in action.

  3. Awesome post! Nick is just dying to go to Japan and I have to say in hearing more about the country I am excited to go someday too. I think just the languages is what really intimidates me, but I've heard that everyone is really friendly there so I'm sure we'll figure it out!


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