Culebra, Puerto Rico

 Culebra is the antithesis of San Juan. It is slow, everything closes up around 8,  and no one is in a   hurry. Only 7 miles long, Culebra is a small island located between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Culebra, with its neighbor Vieques are referred to as the Spanish Virgin Islands. They have yet to be developed, which adds to their charms. Culebra has no fast food and no chain hotels, but it does have one of the best rated beaches in the world, Flamenco.

 Culebra has one small town, Dewey, and it is where the ferry lets off. Here are a few shots of the walk  from our guesthouse into Dewey.

To get to Culebra, it is  a lot easier and cheaper than what the internet/ guidebooks say. Start by taking a cab to the publico station in Rio Pedras, just outside of San Juan.  Tell the publico driver that you want to get to Fajarado's ferry terminal, and voila, you are delivered straight there. The bus stops along the way to pick up people, but that is half of the adventure. 


  1. wow so nice it still has its charm. no fast living and keeping real. If I ever go to puerto rico i must make sure i visit culebra

  2. Good photography. This is a work of art.


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