vieques day 1

 After soaking up the sun and absolutely frying our pasty white skin in Culebra, we hopped aboard  another ferry back to the mainland (aka Puerto Rico). When we planned this trip, we thought we could take a ferry between Culebra and Vieques, which are both within a few miles of each other, but we sadly found out, the hard way, that we needed to get to Fajardo and board another ferry to Vieques. So that's what we did. We loaded up and made the 6:30 am ferry.  Two ferry rides and four hours later, we were on Vieques. This year Vieques was voted the best island in the Caribbean by Travel and Leisure, so we were definitely excited to find out why.

We spent our first day in Vieques getting acquainted with the town of Isabel II. We rented an apartment through Air BnB and once we found that, we took our cameras out for a walk. Isabel II is still a little rough around the edges. There isn't much of a tourist infrastructure, which is good and bad. There are no resorts, no high-rise hotels, no Mcdonalds, which is all great. The downside is, there really isn't much of anything else, outside of two cute boutiques and a handful of run-down bars.


  1. I love the eclectic places you find!!

  2. Love the beautiful combination of blue and ocre in the street scene. Thank you for sharing your travels with the world. Looking forward to seeing all the places 2013 takes you!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the photos! The colors were amazingly beautiful!


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