have a great weekend

What do you all have planned this weekend? We are helping friends with wedding things and then heading out to Whidbey Island on Sunday to check out their wedding venue! I've never been to Whidbey Island so I am excited for a little adventure.

Here are some awesome travel links for your weekend:

These photos are AMAZING! They showcase children from around the world displaying their favorite toys.

This blog is beautiful and has some great wander-lusty photos

This dress would be perfect for wandering around Paris

This small pod would make a perfect vacation shack

This is an awesome word


  1. Enjoy your weekend getaway! Sounds like so much fun :)


  2. We are running the St. Paddy's Day Dash on Sunday... well, my husband is pushing me through in a cart because my knee is still hurting. And it's our first wedding anniversary!

  3. Aw how nice of you to help plan! Hope you have a lovely weekend. This beginning of spring air is really getting me happy these days. :))


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