seattle sessions 2: weekend recap

Last week was my first full week at my new job and its been an adjustment figuring out how to manage a blog at the same time. So until I master that, posts will be a little light. But know that I read each and every comment and love them! 

Because we don't have time to travel the world at the moment, I channel my inner gypsy into food!  So onto our weekend...we ate a LOT of amazing food and tried an amazing new restaurant in Seattle.

Below is a homemade arugula salad with toasted almonds and lemon-vinagarette, my new favorite.
Thursday night we dined at Revel, in Fremont. They describe their food as Korean street-comfort food and it is absolutely fantastic! 

The space is pretty small and most of the seating surrounds a giant bar right off of the kitchen. 

We had five different dishes, including a laksa hot pot and a vegetarian rice bowl with a kale almond trail mix. I was in heaven. 
After finishing off a delicious meal we headed to the launch party for Makerhaus, a new artist space, where you can pay on a monthly basis to use their tools and equipment (3D printers and the works!). The best part of this collaborative space is for entrepreneurs, who get to work in an awesome space amongst others. 
Saturday I made homemade arugula pizzas and watched Argo (finally). It was so intense and good!
Sunday morning we cooked up a giant homemade fritata, curtesy of 101 cookbooks.
Sunday we lunched at Uneedaburger in Fremont. That is seriously the name and it is delicious! I had a veggie truffle burger that was just oozing a truffle cream!
Hope you all had a great weekend as well, filled with either a lot of traveling or a lot of great food, or even better, both. 


  1. I LOVE Revel! It's one of our go-to places when we don't know where we want to go out to eat. And I do love Uneeda too!

  2. So much deliciousness wrapped up into one blog post! Those pizzas look gourmet and that Korean food looks like the bom.com. Hope you're enjoying your new job :)


  3. I've heard of Revel but haven't been there before... it looks delicious!

  4. im infinitely jealous!!! all of this looks amazing and ive been dying to visit seattle!

  5. love love love every one of these meals. and now i'm starving. thanks :)

  6. I'm going to need that lemon-vinagarette recipe! looks deelish :)

  7. mmm all of that food looks so good. especially the pizza! i have made it like that before with arugula and a little balsamic, so good :)


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