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How was your weekend? Mine was very very rainy over here in Seattle, so we had to double up on our pho intake to keep the chill out. Anyway, I wanted to share with you a little update on the blog. Over on the right hand side at "travel" section, i've added more countries to our travel list! So if you are interested in checking our where we have been, have a look! 


  1. Ugh, the rain this weekend was totally overwhelming, it never stopped! We actually got snow for a while at our house, although it didn't stick. Is it spring or what?!

    1. It really snowed at your place! That one nice weekend was such a tease! I might lose my mind if it stays this cold throughout April!

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    1. Thanks!! SO looking forward to making it grow even larger!

  3. I completely feel you on the Seattle rain + pho = less miserable thing. I went to a Pho place on the south end of university ave (don't normally venture up that way) but it was SO delicious I will definitely go back. Wish I could remember the name so I could recommend it!



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