oregon travel week: wine tasting in the willamette valley

The Willamette Valley is the go-to location for wine in Oregon. You can hop on Route 47 and take it down to southern Oregon, hitting world-class vineyards all along the way. 
Oregon makes some of the world's best Pinot Noir.  While Pinot Noir is not my favorite type of wine,  I never say no to wine-tasting. The only problem with wine tasting in the Willamette are the fees! Some of the tasting rooms were charging $15 per tasting...which is pretty expensive when you want to hit a couple of vineyards!

The Willamette Valley is stunning, and you would be hard pressed to find more scenic vineyards. So even if you don't love Pinot Noir, it is worth a visit down route 47!


  1. These photos are amazing, some of them don't even look real! You got some gorgeous weather.

    1. Thanks Sarah! The weather was stunning!

  2. Hi Ashley! I just have to say that I love your blog because my husband and I are also avid travelers! These photos are absolutely gorgeous and totally make me want to go wine tasting...it's funny because my husband grew up in the Portland, OR area and his two of his brothers live right in Willamette Valley wine country (they live in Carlton and McMinnville) but I've NEVER been wine tasting there, mainly because every time we go to Oregon we're always busy doing stuff with family...but I am demanding we do this on our next trip! Also, we were just in Portland this weekend and the weather was gorgeous! :)

  3. i love love love wine countries and vineyards. i always feel so relaxed

  4. incredible photos!! how was that kombucha? its looks amazing

    new follower

  5. oh I love Willamette valley AND pinot but I've never been wine tasting there. it is def on the list!

  6. all of these pictures are so beautiful! i most definitely will ass willamette valley to my list of must see places!


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