mini canadian road trip

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend because I definitely did! We decided to head across the border and drive and drive and drive until we reached Penticton. Tucked deep inside the British Columbia interior, Penticton is a quaint little destination that sits between two gigantic lakes. The climate is rather dry and suited to orchards and vineyards...which are sprawled out in either direction. We didn't hold back on visiting as many wineries as possible and I may or may not have gotten a little tipsy...

It was almost warm enough to hop in the pool.
Have you ever eaten an Aero Bar? I don't know why we don't have these in the states because they are delicious!

Lots of photos to come!


  1. Penticton is a great little place. We did a huge BC road trip a couple of years ago and stopped in. We chose to stayed in Kelowna and Osoyoos instead but the entire Okanagan is fantastic!

    I had no idea that the US doesn't have Aero bars. I was obsessed with them in high school and I loved letting them melt in my mouth. I haven't had one in ages but you've now got me craving it!

    1. Wasn't that area so nice! Do you have any more Canadian recommendations? I love to hop across the border! Ya we don't have aero bars or smarties! Isn't that weird! I used to go to Canada for soccer trips and buy bag fulls of macintosh toffee too...it's funny that things like that become exotic when you don't have them accessible.

    2. So many recommendations...
      -You probably drove through Osoyoos but I liked it - smaller and more quaint than Penticton but cute nonetheless with wineries nearby.
      -I really like Kelowna. It's a small city on a lake and really quite nice.
      -A little further away is Revelstoke - right in the mountains. A lot of people go there to ski but we have been in the summer and it was great. I know an awesome B&B there as well if you're interested.
      -Kimberley is also further away but a really awesome lake in the mountains and many of my friends have camped there.
      -Joe mentioned Hot Springs near Hope. I haven't been so can't comment.
      -And then the more obvious which I'm sure you've done... Vancouver, Whistler & Vancouver Island.

      Basically all of BC and Southern Alberta is pretty great but next time you're planning something let me know and if I have any specific recommendations I'll be sure to forward them on :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Getting tipsy at wineries is one of my very favorite things. Glad you had a good weekend!

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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