penticton, canada day two

We decided that day 2 in Penticton was wine day, so instead of hiking or doing anything remotely outdoorsy, we took off to explore the vineyards. Starting on a route that the locals call "the bench," which contains 30+ vineyards. 

We loved a good majority of the wine we tried, and we tried a lot. Although, near the end of our day, everything started to taste absolutely amazing!

One of the best surprises of the day was Elephant Island Winery. Their wine is made exclusively from fruit grown on the property (no grapes). We tried red current wine, blackberry, peach, and raspberry. They were made like traditional wines and were not syrupy or sweet at all, just super tart and delicious! We took home a bottle of the red current wine, which we were told makes an excellent cocktail when mixed. 

We have more photos to come, so you will probably get sick of seeing Penticton, before the week is through...


  1. FUN! I am SO overdue for a wine tasting...

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. OMG these pics are awesome! I LOVE #3 and that tree on the door!!!


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