polish lemon poppy seed cake

Ugh! I wan't this now! Seattle has a large Polish population and every year there is a Polish festival celebrating the culture, mainly through food. If I had known that lemon poppy seed cake would be involved, I would have tried a little harder to weasel my way into the festival.


Smitten Kitchen, one of my favorite baking sites, posts a wonderful rendition of lemon poppy seed cake inspired by her mother, who is Polish. You can find the recipe here and glance at Smitten Kitchen's beautiful photos below.


  1. Lemon poppyseed is probably my favorite flavor of baked goods of all time. I will definitely be trying this recipe soon! As well as scout out the nearest Polish food festival :)

  2. Yum, I love how moist lemon poppyseed cake is. I never knew it was Polish though. My grandma used to make one that was awesome but sadly at 85 she has pretty much stopped baking! =(


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