occupying kids during the summer holidays: top london attractions

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Most parents will know how difficult it can be to keep kids entertained when they’re off from school and with the six weeks holiday having kicked off, finding plenty of itinerary fillers will help to keep the boredom at bay. While we’re not all lucky enough to enjoy time off when we need it, when you do have the time to spare, make the most of it this summer. 
You don’t have to head abroad to enjoy the summer as a family, either. Say no to overspending on the Costas – not when we have the likes of London on our doorstep. With plenty of family-friendly hotels in London available at rock-bottom prices, you can savour everything that London has to offer and luckily, a lot of it focuses on the kids. 
Don’t just stay around the centre of the city either – Greater London has a couple of attractions that shouldn’t be missed, both within easy access of the city to make them easy day trips to incorporate into your visit. 
Thorpe Park is a thrill-seeking paradise and perfect if you have bigger kids to entertain. With dozens of extreme rides and plenty of milder ones too for the faint hearted, it’s one of the best amusements in the UK and within easy reach of the city via train and car alike. 

LEGOLAND in Windsor is an all-rounder attraction that caters perfectly for the younger children while also injecting a little nostalgia for the grownups to enjoy. With LEGO being one of the bestselling toys of all time, most people of all ages will have an affiliation for the construction bricks and this theme park is dedicated to them. 

Don’t forget the array of awesome museums on offer that will be able to show children just how fun learning can be – the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and British Museum are all well worth a visit and are completely free to enter, making it an option that is kind to the pursestrings too. 
Combine this with a trip to a family-friendly West End show and you have yourself a well-balanced, fun holiday with the kids – perfect! 

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