global flavor: pannekoeken

Have you all tried Pannekoeken? It is typically called a Dutch pancake because of its origins in the Netherlands/ Belgium. Pannekoeken are about a foot in diameter, thin, and kinda of crepe like. In the Netherlands, they are eaten with bacon or apples or cheese, but my favorite is with a little lemon and powder sugar. Anyways, in the states, Pannekoeken have morphed into Dutch Babies, which are large puffy pancakes that taste amazing and are super easy to make which is a bonus!

Basically you only need milk, flour, sugar, and butter.

The wonderful blog, A Beautiful Mess, shares a great recipe for classic Dutch Babies with some gorgeous photos to go along (aka the ones I shared in this post :)

So what are you waiting for! Time to bust out that skillet!


  1. I just discovered these a few months ago, and have made them almost every Saturday since then!We love them. And I love that they are simple to make, yet so impressive looking. I too, love them best with just lemon and powdered sugar. And fruit. Yum.

  2. We have these is South Africa and they'e called pannekoeke in Afrikaans, which is based on Dutch. Kind of like Spanish and Portuguese. Pannekoeke are delicious! Never tried them with peach though :)

  3. How cute! I did try the big version 2 years ago - wrote about it here: http://colleenbrynntravels.com/mag-ik-spek-appel-kaas/ I had mine with bacon, apple and cheese. NOM!

  4. They are really tasty! In German they are called 'Pfannkuchen' almost the same^^
    I prefer them sweet.... sometimes even with apple inside for example :)


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