america: the big cities of the east coast

Visiting the East Coast can take you through many popular and unknown destinations including Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Cape Cod and plenty more places. Here are just some of the infamous cities on the East Coast that are undoubtedly unmissable for USA holidays!  

New York, New York

It is not a cliché to say that New York has something for everyone. Cruising down 5th Avenue you can shop away to your card's content, hit Madison Square Garden to catch a prized NY Knicks game or get lost in the gem of the city - Central Park. It is especially special for theater lovers who can see brilliant Broadway musicals before they hit the West End. 

If you've been to the popular joints on a previous visit swing by the Lower East Side or the East Village to find rich culture. They are bursting with food markets and outer city art galleries. Chinatown and Little Italy also add their own personal touches of culture that are embellished with the New York charm. 

Secret Tip: get a traffic free bike and cycle through Central Park right over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset to get a spectacular (and alternative) view to the Big Apple. 

Beautiful Boston 

Although Boston is often compared to New York City, they are completely different, in size and composition. This city has a wide variety of historical landscapes which are based in beautiful neighbourhoods to walk around. The Freedom Trail which is 2.5 miles long contains 16 sites that are based upon the Revolutionary War and show life circa 1770. For a different, but equally historical building, go to Fenway Park for the legendary Red Sox baseball park! 

The South End which was previously less desirable has turned into an expensive area with some of the best cafes, restaurants and clothing shops. The area leads street to street full of beautiful townhouses and small boutiques. Remember, Boston is very cold in the winter so if you're keen for outside walks, be ready for the chill! 

The Institute of Contemporary Art is interesting for several reasons; the architectural design of the building with its cubism angles, the gallery exhibitions and the proximity to amazing restaurants. The Boston Public Library is another building architecturally fascinating, and there are murals by artists inside so the visit will be applicable to everyone, not just the book lovers. 

Secret Tip: If you get the chance walk the 1.5 miles by Jamaica Pond, just south of Boston, where the lake is a piece of interwoven parks.

Where in Washington?

All of these big cities have such historical and cultural infamy that it is difficult to start planning your trip. In Washington DC the National Monuments and historical buildings are obviously top priority. The Smithsonian Institute Building has information on all of museums to visit, and a map to find them, as well as being a beautiful building. The Three Houses of Government including the U.S Capitol Building, the White House and the U.S Supreme Court all give an insight into the power of America, but remember to book ahead for these visits! 

Fancy a break from politics? Go and see theatre or a concert at the J. F. K. Centre where the performing arts are superb, or 20 minutes away in Vienna, Virginia find the famous Wolftrap Farm Park where performances are musically influenced. 

Secret Tip: Visit the National Memorials at night where the tourists are fewer and the areas are illuminated and so creates an atmospheric ambience.  


  1. I'm doing a roadtrip next year and we're starting out in New York, I can't wait to visit there!

  2. I was just in Boston, and I didn't think it was anything like NYC! I don't see how people can compare the two at all... which I think Bostonians might like to hear. Loved it there. The US is such a great, diverse country to explore. So much to see and do!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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