wanderlust wednesday: northwest road trip (re-post)

My long lost husband finally gets into town today! This fishing season has felt like it lasted 6 months instead of 12 weeks, and I can't wait to see my salty fisherman! Hopefully he is bringing home tons of fresh and smoked salmon for our trip! I thought I would re-share one of our little road trips we took this past winter to get excited for the mega-road trip we leave on in October! If you know of any good places around the country, be sure to leave a comment!

We went on a great little road trip this weekend. We started in Ballard, drove to Edmonds, took the ferry across to Kingston and kept driving to Port Townsend. We spend the night in Port Townsend and explored this great little water-side town. On Saturday morning we left Port Townsend and booked it up to Port Angeles, toured the town and then headed straight down to Bainbridge Island for a birthday party. We hopped on the midnight ferry and were home in our beds on Sunday at 1 AM!  It was a whirlwind!

The nugget (creepy on the outside, but we refurbished the inside, which is now pretty sleek! Although there are a few places where the orange shag carpet remains):

Port Townsend is about a 30 minute ferry ride from Edmonds (which is about 30 minutes up from Seattle). The ferry with a driver + passenger + car was around $20.00 and super easy to navigate. The ferry delivers you right to Kingston so make sure you bring a car over because you have another 45 minute drive up to Port Townsend. It makes an awesome weekend getaway because it is not too far that you are driving the whole time, but it is far enough to feel like you've gone somewhere! So if you are in Seattle for a long trip, definitely make time Port Townsend. 
We were lucky enough to catch the Saturday farmers market, where I had the BEST cannele outside of Paris! If you don't know what that is, you better find one to eat ASAP.
We then spent the rest of our morning taking photos. Port Townsend is definitely a photographer's dream, with all its brick and victorian buildings!

The Conservatory was one of my favorite shops in PT. Well-curated gifts, with a nautical twist.

Totally obsessed with the old clam cannery. And I was told from another Seattle blogger, Sarah that the cannery is now a wedding venue! 

We ate at the Fountain Cafe. We found that the people of Port Townsend are really into their food. All the restaurants use locally grown produce, and source pretty much everything from pasta to pancetta from local farmers and shops.  It made for an absolutely delicious meal of fettucini with wild mushrooms and pancetta.


  1. Ah, YAY!!! So glad he is finally back... 12 weeks is a long time! Hope you two have the best time catching up and just being together again :) xxx

  2. I haven't been over to the peninsula in years! I think it is about time to convince my husband that we need to take a trip =)


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