road trip day 12, the long ride down

We had an amazing time in Michigan and were a little sad to say goodbye to this awesome state, but the road was yet again calling our names. We decided we needed to gain a lot of ground quickly because we lollygaged in Michigan for too long, so we drove straight down the middle of Maine, on into Ohio. The drive was around 5hrs to the border and we stopped at one of the road side cider mills and stocked up on apple cider donuts (yes, they are as good as they sound) and fresh squeezed cider. After getting hopped up on sugar, we hit the road again, until an officer decided to pull us over, saying we were going 3 miles under the speed limit! I actually started laughing.  From the start of this trip, Brian was adamant that at least we wouldn't get pulled over because our damn motor home goes so slow. Anyways, the officer does his job, takes our driver's licenses and then pulls my poor husband out of the car. I sit and read my kindle, thinking that this is probably just procedure. A flushed Brian gets back into the car and starts to retell what went on outside. The cop, under the pretense of asking about the stickers on our motor home, gets Brian outside to start asking if we have any illegal drugs on board (which we do not). He keeps on pestering Brian with serious statements like he has a drug dog in his vehicle, and if he confesses that there are drugs on board, he won't get in trouble (I could have sworn we were in South America or something).  This goes on for a while and nothing serious happens except the cop, feeling the need to explain himself, states that since we were from Washington, he was sure that we had drugs. Oh good old Washington...We are now forever branded as pot-smoking hippies (if we weren't already).

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