road trip day 9 and 10: holland to ludington, michigan

After a blissfully warm night, we woke up on Saturday and wandered into Holland to check out its farmer's market. It was bright and sunny and warm,  a perfect day to spend outside browsing stalls of fresh produce and buckets of apples. I've seen more apples here than I ever have in Washington! Who knew that Michigan was also a little apple mecca.
Holland lighthouse
After spending a slow morning in Holland, and eating the best pumpkin whoopie cookies for breakfast, our perfect day came to a halt. The nugget decided to start making some pretty disturbing noises. It was like someone was taking a thousand hammers to the back end. We ended up cutting our day short and stopping in a small town called Ludington, who had absolutely no mechanics working over the weekend. The next morning, after hours spent on google, Brian changed the two front wheel bearings. Come the afternoon, we thought that we had fixed the problem and started driving North up the coast. The sound didn't go away, but it was also sounding a little better so we continued on to Petowsky...our poor old nugget was probably never meant to be driven this far!

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