road trip day 22: acadia national park

Acadia National Park is the Maine I dreamt about. Icy blue water lapping upon dark craggy shores and miles of stunted trees dotting the rough terrain. Acadia is beautiful, although it was clearly turning into a freezing and foreboding place by late October. Located in the north-eastern part of Maine, it took us roughly three hours to reach Acadia. It was our first national park of the trip (thank you government) and we were excited to get out hiking boots out and start exploring on two legs instead of four wheels. The weather, although bright and clear, was a touch below 40 degrees and with the wind, we were able to get out of our car for a total of ten minutes before running back.

P.S have you checked out our map to the right? It's located under the "where are we now tab" and tallies how much money spent and miles driven so far!

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  1. wow that valley looks amazing with all those colors. I wouldn't mind getting lost hete


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