road trip day 24: cape cod

In the eastern most portion of Massachusetts, a piece of land shaped like a flexing arm juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.  Whenever I thought of Cape Cod, I envisioned it like the Hamptons, a playground for the rich and famous. In late October, Cape Cod seemed less like a wealthy vacation destination and more like a quiet New England peninsula, dotted with grey shingled houses (and a few empty mansions here and there).  A railroad once ran the length of Cape Cod, connecting Bostonians to a beach-front paradise. The railroad eventually fell into disrepair and was later turned into a 20 plus mile bike trail. We lucked out with a bit of sun and decided to finally get some use out of our bicycles.  We took off along the trail and kept going. By the time we realized that we were starving, we also came to the conclusion that our asses were positively numb and we had another two hours left before we reached camp again.  After we finished up with our days ride, we realized that padded bike shorts would have made a welcomed addition.  I highly recommend the rail trail, it's beautiful, but don't forget some extra padding!

At the extreme tip of Cape Cod is Provincetown, a little resort town with a colonial atmosphere. It is said that the Pilgrims landed here first and then sailed onto Plymouth a few days later. The town is pretty touristy and has enough raunchy t-shirt shops, fudge shops, and galleries to make even a first time tourist puke.  Once you get past that, or vomit, the town is kind of cute.

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  1. Such a fan of the Cape! Though I've only visited in the dead of winter... time for a summer excursion I think.


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